Stepping Out Of The Van

This post has taken a more time to produce and is a lot longer than anticipated, because despite the impression that may have been created by my Life On The Road And In Gers post we actually did a lot of things while we were in Mongolia. On our first day we visited the Choir … Continue reading Stepping Out Of The Van

Going For A Ride

The one thing probably most associated with Mongolia is horses, the Mongolians even invented the stirrup after all as they needed to used both their hands to shoot their bows while riding. In my opinion the tv adaption of game of thrones should have made the Dothraki more like the Mongols as they are nomadic horse people, … Continue reading Going For A Ride

Life On The Road And In Gers

Most of our time in Mongolia was spent either on the road or in gers. I will get to the gers in a moment, but first I want to talk about being on the road. The only way to get around Mongolia is on the roads and most of these roads are not paved, they … Continue reading Life On The Road And In Gers


You don't visit Mongolia to go to the city, that is for sure. Mongolia is most definitely a nation famous for its countryside and while we most definitely spent the majority of our time there in the Gobi and Steppe we did a few interesting things in Ulaanbaatar as well. When we first arrived in … Continue reading Ulaanbaatar

Paying For A Prison Cell

You have already heard about what we got up to in Hong Kong, what I haven't shared is our accommodation situation we had there. Our first night was in a lovely hotel as it was part of the Essential China tour. After that though we were on our own. We booked literally the cheapest accommodation … Continue reading Paying For A Prison Cell

Now we’re cooking with gas :-)

Hey guys the husband here, I thought I would tell you all about the cooking class that I took in Yangshuo. Things kicked off when we met our teacher at the entrance to the local park, the same park where my wife was learning tai chi. After meeting our teacher the she took us to … Continue reading Now we’re cooking with gas 🙂

Parks… I mean Hong Kong

I am fairly sure that most people could do and see most of the things we did and saw in Hong Kong in a day, or maybe a couple of days. But we had just finished a the busy tour of China that you have just finished reading about and were about to start the … Continue reading Parks… I mean Hong Kong

China By Train

I have written a lot about our adventures in China, however I have only barely touched on how we got around there. We did very little by bus or car, the majority of our travel within a city was by walking or subway and all of our long distance journeys were by train. There are … Continue reading China By Train

Relaxation With A Pinch Of Panic

Before I start here, I want to mention again about the terrible flooding that happened in Yangshuo before we arrived, which obviously doesn't fit with my light hearted title. Floods occur every year in this area, however they are usually very minor, just ankle deep which the buildings and businesses are set up to deal … Continue reading Relaxation With A Pinch Of Panic